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The Award

The winner will receive round trip airfare from NY to Munich, Germany, furbished by Siegfried’s Call.

Upon your arrival in NY, you will receive a tour of the shop at Siegfried's Call, where your Englebert Schmid horn will be cleaned and serviced prior to your departure for Munich. The owners of the shop will provide accomodations, as well as a tour of the surrounding area.

Once in Germany, Engelbert Schmid will meet you at the airport, and bring you to Mindelzell, Germany, the home Engelbert Schmid Horn Shop and Mindelzell Horn Days.

Room, board, and tuition will be furbished by Engelbert Schmid as part of the Award. The winner will participate in the Mindelzell Horn Days, and will have the opportunity to take lessons from some of the world’s foremost orchestral and solo players, such as Bruno Schneider, Frank Lloyd, and Szabolcs Zempleni.




Mozart, Horn Concerto No. 2 or No. 4, mvt. 1, exposition only
R. Strauss, Horn Concerto No. 1, mvt. 2

Excerpts (All excerpts are Horn 1):

Beethoven, Symphony No. 7, mvt. 1, mm. 84-101
Brahms, Symphony No. 2, mvt. 2, mm. 17-32
Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5, mvt.1, reh. 17-21 (low tutti)
Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 5, mvt. 2, mm. 9-28
R. Strauss, Ein Heldenleben, mm. 1-17
R. Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel, Op. 28, opening to reh. 1


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Siegfried's Call Artists will comprise the adjudication panel, as well as internationally recognized horn players.

SC Artist Panel:

Steven Cohen
Dr. Jacquelyn Adams
Leelanee Sterrett

Outside Panel:

Phil Myers
Bill Vermuelen
William Purvis
E. Scott Brubaker


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Age Requirements

Must be a US citizen age 18-31. The winner must be no older than 31 years of age on the date of travel to the Mindelzell Horn Days.

Horn & Equipment Requirements

Entrants must own and perform on a horn made by Engelbert Schmid for the competition.


Entrants are ineligible if they have won a full-time position in performance, by way of an audition.

Valid Passport

The winner must have a valid US passport or be eligible for a US passport. The winner is to secure a passport before the date of travel to Germany. Neither Siegfried’s Call, Inc. nor Engelbert Schmid Horns will be responsible for any fees associated with obtaining a US passport.

Acceptance of Rules and Regulations

Application to this competition constitutes acceptance of all rules and regulations set forth, in addition to your confirmation of meeting the above qualifications.

By clicking SEND on the Entry Form page you are confirming that you have read the contest rules and agree to follow them upon acceptance to the Engelbert Schmid Horn Contest presented by Siegfried's Call.


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Rules and Regulations

Upon entry and submission of competition files, the winner has agreed in full to the following terms:


By being selected as the winner of this competition, you agree to represent yourself in a professional manner.


Agreement to personal financial responsibility for all expenses which fall outside the purview of this contest as defined by the prize description.

Travel Insurance

Siegfried’s Call, Inc., requires that the winner purchase travel insurance for the value of the international round trip airline ticket.

Instrument Insurance

Siegfried’s Call, Inc., will not provide instrument insurance to the winner. We strongly encourage that the winner purchases a policy on their instrument, if their personal instrument isn’t already insured.

Required Trip Documentation

The winner will document trip including performances, lessons, etc., and will provide a blog entry on Siegfried's Call website, (Siegfried's Call retains final language determination and rights not only to this blog, but also to similar posts about the competition/experience published elsewhere).

Siegfried's Call Artist

The winner understands that by no means does winning competition make them a Siegfried’s Call Artist.

Personal Travel Information

The winner must provide necessary travel information (e.g.  so that ticket to Germany can be arranged in a timely manner or prize can be cancelled and awarded to the alternate.


The winner will hold Siegfried's Call harmless in the event that a situation should arise while overseas involving illness, accidental death, or dismemberment. Read Siegfried's Call International Travel Waiver for more details.


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@siegfriedscall on Twitter


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Broadening the awareness of horn in our culture, Siegfried's Call is dedicated to promoting access to music through artist relationships, recordings, educational programs, and live performances.


Siegrieds Call is a family-operated horn outfitter based in New York committed to helping horn musicians obtain the finest sound from hand-crafted, high-performance brass instruments exclusively from independent, qualified makers in Germany since 2006.


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