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Engelbert Schmid Horn Contest

A trip as German as sausage and as American as pie, but cooler.

Engelbert Schmid Horns and Siegfried’s Call, Inc. have collaborated to award an American horn player who currently owns an Engelbert Schmid french horn with an experience of a lifetime.

This award is based on having chosen a Schmid Horn as your instrument and your current performance ability. The winner will receive a round trip ticket from your home (domestic USA) to New York and then on to Munich, Germany.

For more information about this award, watch the video below, explore the travel itinerary, read our Contest Rules, discover how to obtain your own Engelbert Schmid Horn, and read about our esteemed judging panel.

Travel Itinerary

  • Travel to Beacon, NY

    Win a flight to New York, with accommodations from the owners of Siegfried’s Call, Inc. Take a tour of the shop at Siegfried’s Call and our town. Siegfried’s Call will clean and service your Engelbert Schmid horn prior to your flight departure the next day.

  • Fly to Mindelzell, Germany

    Fly to Munich, Germany where Engelbert Schmid will pick you up at the airport. You will be wisked away to Mindelzell, Germany where the Engelbert Shop and Mindelzell Horn Days are located. Hotel room, board, and tuition is paid as part of the Award.

  • Enjoy Mindelzell Horn Days

    Mindelzell Horn Days March 15-19th

    Partake in the Mindelzell Horn Days, which is hosted and organized by Engelbert Schmid. The location is at his impressive workshop, with a full concert hall and outdoor amphitheater. The winner will have the opportunity to take lessons from some of the world’s foremost orchestral and solo players, such as: Prof. Bruno Schneider, Szabolcs Zempléni, Frank Lloyd and Peter Arnold. On Monday the 20th of March, board your flight to make your way back home. Gute Reise!

Engelbert Schmid

A creative genius that implements great ideas and theories into a practice. Experienced and passionate as a horn player, Mr. Schmid held positions with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Berlin Philharmonic, and Munich Radio Orchestra.

In 1980 Mr. Schmid began building horns, and by 1990 he established his very own workshop. He is a decorated Master Craftsman who personally trains his present instrument makers.

Mr. Schmid hosts the Mindelzell Horn Days and is proud to work with Siegfried’s Call to offer this remarkable award.

"Mr. Schmid's accomplishments as a horn player and Master Craftsman uniquely separate him from the pack of hand-made French horn brands worldwide." – Scott Bacon

  • Learn from Engelbert Schmid

    French Horn Hand Position by Engelbert Schmid Horns

  • Best-Selling Triple Horn

    E. Schmid Triple Horn

    F/Bb/High F

    The best selling triple horn. Incomparably light weight. Lighter than a double horn with a stopping valve.

    A well rounded high F horn, a smooth, romantic sounding Bb horn, and a Full sounding low F horn. All three sides are very well in tune and speak securely. The cylinder of the triple valve weighs less than a customary double cylinder, and this is evident in the quickness of the valves. Slurs using the thumb valves are just as good as those with the main valves. Two or three water keys recommended.
    2.600 g.

    Starting at $13,500 US

    buy Now

  • Perfect Double Horn

    E. Schmid Double Horn


    Basic equipment for the professional.  Perfect in its playing qualities and aesthetics.

    A particularly noble sound, smooth but with great dynamic range. As flexible and agile as a woodwind Instrument. Has a very good feel to it, with smooth valve slurs, and a very secure high range. Changeable from F/Bb to Bb/F. One or two water keys are recommended. 2.150g.

    Starting at $9,200 US

    buy Now

  • Innovative Mouthpieces

    E. Schmid Mouthpieces

    The Original Horn Mouthpiece Series

    Digitally produced. Made with utmost care, from hand-made samples by Engelbert Schmid himself.

    The traditional mouthpiece production is done by copying a hand made example with tools that have to be repeatedly sharpened. Although the sample may be very good, it is not possible to get a perfect copy of the curvature by hand. There will also be a certain tolerance due to the necessity of repeatedly sharpening the tools.

    Starting at $89 US

    buy Now

Schmid Products



Siegfried’s Call has selected a judging panel comprised of world-class horn players and educators. Steven Cohen will lead the panel. Mr Cohen has adjudicated horn competitions across the country. His extensive experience will provide a smooth flow of the adjudication process. We are proud that he is leading this esteemed panel of judges to assist us in selecting the best candidate for this prestigious award.

Please take a moment and learn more about judges.

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