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Ayo Derbyshire

Runner-Up: Michael Woodard

The judging committee of the Siegfried’s Call-Engelbert Schmid Contest is pleased to announce Ayo Derbyshire, an undergraduate student at Colorado State University, as the winner of the contest. Also, the judges have named Michael Woodard, a graduate student at the University of Houston, as the runner-up.

Choosing the Winner

The decision to identify the winner and runner up was a challenge for the committee as the contest featured an incredibly high level of playing. In turn, this high level of playing lead to a delay in this announcement, as many judges on the panel had to review the contest entries multiple times.

Thank you!

We could not be more thrilled with the quality of the entries and applaud each competitor on the artistic accomplishments within their individual submissions. The judging committee would like to extend their thanks to both Siegfried’s Call and Engelbert Schmid for their sponsorship of this endeavor.

Again, we congratulate Mr Derbyshire and Mr Woodard, as well as all the entrants.

Ayo Derbyshire's Story

A dual-citizen, Swiss American, hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ayo Derbyshire's musical path began with an alto sackbut around the age of three. Ayo attributes "Family Music" nights for the opportunity to experiment at an early age with a variety of string, woodwind, and brass instruments. This early exposure would eventually lead to him receiving his first horn as intriguing Christmas gift.

Since then Ayo has studied with Kevin Rivard, Carolyn Kunicki, Fritz Foss, and Kolio Plachkov, all musicians with the Colorado Symphony. Performing in the Denver Young Artists Orchestra sparked Ayo's passion for playing professionally. He received his Engelbert Schmid horn in high school and studied Horn Performance as a sophomore at the Colorado State University School of Music under Professor John McGuire, playing Principal Horn in the CSU large ensembles.

Ayo enjoys exposure to different styles of life and horn playing. He offsets his musical ambition with running and soccer, leaving room to be a spectator, following his favorite team, Derby County from Derbyshire, England.


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